2022+ | klubb soma | concept & performer

Klubb Soma is a ritual.
A somatically guided journey into your body’s vast universe.
A dissolvement into the rhythm and base of the techno.
Klubb Soma guides you through a moving meditation through your skin, flesh, bones, cells…
Through the voice of the guide you are carried into and through your dancing body.
Channels opening, veins widening, everything flowing.
Skin activated, your senses heightened.
Like rivers, energy seeps through your body. You move.
Your body expanding into space.
Let’s reclaim our bodies and resist the hegemony.
Klubb Soma brings you back to your will, your desires, your sensual body. Dissolves the boundaries of where you end and the world begin.
Klubb Soma is a club, a dance, a collective ritual.

In 2022 I premiered the concept Klubb SOMA during Pride in Gothenburg, with the bad ass DJ Sonia Frändegård in Rikssalen at Kronhuset in Gothenburg.

During three hours you will be guided first through meditative and somatic instructions influenced by BodyMind Centering and Skinner Releasing Technique leading you through a journey through all of your body, through stillness and movement, connecting your mind and body with each other. Connecting you with your body’s innate intelligence and micro sensations, allowing for the body to move on its own. Slowly and in tune with my guidance the DJ enters with techno beats live in the moment. After about 1,5-2 hours the bpm gets higher and the DJ takes over the dance floor, and my voice gently enters with a lot of space in between… Your dance takes over and at the very end I announce a final resolution.

My relation to techno began in my teens as a 14 year old dancing at parties in the countryside and continued as I moved to UK and the US. The base and the rhythms are the drugs my dancing body surfs on. To me there has always been a connection between the state techno can guide me into and the state which carefully and skillfully guided somatic movement practices can guide me into. I am curious how a somatic guidance can heighten your experience and open up channels so that drugs might not be necessary. Therefore I encourage you to join Klubb SOMA without substances that stimulates the nervous system and yield into the body’s own chemical releases as you follow my voice.
Hope to see you at one of the events…. !