2015 | Dimensions Variable & Within the //I// | Performer


Link to short excerpt from the installation

“Dimensions Variable” is an immersive performance installation curated by Philip Berezney and Dana Florin-Weiss at The Vasquez Building (Gallery) in Bushwick, NY. Performed Thursday May 21 & Friday May 22, 7.30-9.30pm.

Later we performed a second edition of the installation called “Within the // I //” during Bushwick Open Studios, at the Loom in Bushwick, June 6th 2-5pm 2015.

The installation is based on individual improvisational practices that each performer has brought in. My practice explores the politics behind the pelvis and female genitals, de-sexualising and re-owning the body through somatic scores. Erasing the definition of identity, gender and sexuality that is defined by monetary means and patriarchy. We idenitify ourselves with our body and our body identify itself with the way it has been looked upon, approached and treated personally and within popular culture. This is a practice of un-conditioning rather than a performance. There is shaking, laughter, soil, and scores based on the pelvis, digestive system, heart, uterus, cervics and breath.

Excerpts from dress rehearsal at The Vazquez Building:

Performers: Philip Berezney, Dana Florin-Weiss, Tuva Hildebrand, Marion Spencer, and Jesse White (RagaMuffin)