2022 | Dear Earthling | Maker & performer

Dear Earthling is an interactive one-to-one performance guiding one person at a time through a ritual which brings us close to nature’s cycles of life, death and transformation. It explores our relation to the more-than-human and questions our anthropocentric world-view. Inspired by humans evolutionary and embryological journey the ritual leads the audience through a room of their lungs, ocean and birth, a room of their heart, wood and movement, and lastly their skeleton, soil and death. During a little less than an hour the audience are invited to listen, smell, move, write, touch and be touched.

Dear Earthling has been shared in work-in-progress format at Gatenhjelmska Huset in August 2020 and at Brådjupa Dansfestival in September 2021, through the residency Human/Nature with Dans i Blekinge and support from Göteborgs Kulturnämnd.

Dear Earthling premiered on September 14-17th at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden. Info here.

Poster for premiere at Inkonst

Pictures from second work-in-progress iteration at BRÅDJUPA dance festival by Olle Enqvist:

Pictures from rehearsals in August 2021

Pictures from first work-in-progress iteration at Gatenhielmska Huset in Gothenburg, taken by Jonne Covers:

The creative process is inspired by body mindful (also called somatic) dance practices such as Skinner Releasing Technique, BodyMind Centering and the work of Eva Karczag. We have explored how we can translate methods, ideas, dramaturgy and movement experiences within these practices into interactive experiences, where sound, images, material from nature, and verbal guidance and instructions creates an immersive experience.

As a part of our research process we held open movement research sessions for the public to invite people from different backgrounds to participate in our investigations and contribute to the development of the work through participating and sharing their experiences.

Concept & project leader: Tuva Hildebrand
Collaborators & performers: Marcella Steen, Marie Klawitter & Tuva Hildebrand
Dramaturgical advice: Stefan Åkesson, Nina Matthis & Sally O’Neill
Sound: Tuva Hildebrand & Marie Klawitter