2016 | Hot Dark Matter | Performer

by Stacy Grossfield Dance Projects


Performed last:
March 9-13th at 8 pm
JACK Performance Space
501 Waverly Ave, Clinton Hill
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Review by Katie Dean on Culturebot

A work made specifically for JACK‘s architecture, with the choreographer and her collaborators molding the performance space into a murky, surreal dreamscape.

Link to video of the full performance and excerpts

Video of me in rehearsal attempting to describe what is hard with my task in the solo

This full-length performance for an intimate audience featured performers Tuva Hildebrand, Stacy Grossfield, Rebecca Warner, with Dana Florin-Weiss, Monica Hunken, Kadence Neill, and Joomin Hwang, Kevin Luparello, Stephen Zuccaro, and 1 more surprise performer TBA.

Lighting design by: Joe Levasseur
Sculptures by: Jeremy Lydic
Video by: Gil Sperling
Set construction by: Stacy Grossfield with Curtis Eller