2009 | L’ INTACTE | concept, Director & Choreographer


L’Intacte was written by Tuva Hildebrand in the autumn of 2008, by combining the children story of Eloise by Kay Thompson and Tuva’s own written prose, into a piece about the conditioned strive for happiness. It premiered in March 2009 at Landskrona Teater in Sweden after receiving a grant from Landskrona City. In December 2009 L’ Intacte was brought to Dusko Radovic Theatre in Belgrade, where it was remade to an English version.

By gathering Tuva Hildebrand and Nina Matthis artistic backgrounds L’ Intacte explores new-thinking ways of collaborating with butoh, contemporary dance, physical theater and acting. It is an evening-length soloperformance exploring the wonderful and frustrating structures of the human body and mind through a fragmented story of a six year old child, Eloise

Choreography, direction and concept: Tuva Hildebrand
Performance: Nina Matthis
Sound design, recording & editing: Tuva Hildebrand with music by Cocorosie, Múm and Lau Nau
Light design: Tuva Hildebrand and Daniel Persson
Set design: Tuva Hildebrand, Caroline Svensson and Markus Hildebrand
Production: Tuva Hildebrand, Håkan Persson and Landskrona Teater

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