Workshop with k.j. holmes: Resurfacing: dance renderings of body, mind and nature



When and where? August 8 – 12th, 2022 in Uddebo, Västra Götaland, Sweden


As we continue to re-enter our world as it is, how do we continue to move from and with the depths of our uncertainty and distancing toward our innovative and creative expression?

This workshop will be an experiential journey to create visible and tactile maps for animating and deepening solo practices into duo and ensemble improvisations and compositions as well as explore and engage with our direct relationships to ecology of our landscape. 

Tools will include study and research of specific anatomy and physiology to better understand the instrument of the body;  patterns of movement as known  systems,  inventions and discoveries; voicings and sounding  as underlying sources for creating fuller dimensional movement and dancing; writing and drawing to illustrate the invisibility of the physics of play.  Students will discover, explore, separate, integrate and improvise with physical systems and patterns to make visible physiological rhythms of support and creativity.  Through exposing contradictions in the body and engaging with our imaginations, we will widen choice, create discernment and practice embodiment and composition.

This workshop will bring forth skills, tools and practical experience of somatic studies and improvisation (for example Body-Mind Centering ®, Ideokinesis and Contact Improvisation) to become more tuned to physical centers and subtleties of touch, direction and intention.  It will exploreand how to use these discoveries to tune the physical instrument of body and mind as well as offering a source for creative practice and the poetics of the human being as nature in nature. 

This workshop will be highly physical and imaginative, to both stabilize the shifting tides of our times as well as to ride the currents of our own desires in the making.

The workshop is directed towards dancers, movers, activists, body workers and artists with body-based practices. The workshop is part of a longer-term project working to support and develop a stronger community for somatic and improvisational practices in Sweden. In this workshop we wish to gather participants who already have experience with improvisation and somatic practices and who want to go deeper.

2016, performance at Judson Church, K J Holmes

K.J. Holmes, dance artist/actor/teacher/writer has been exploring improvisation as process and performance since 1981, traveling nationally and internationally teaching, creating, directing. Her influences include Contact Improvisation, Tuning Scores, Ideokinesis, Body-Mind Centering, Meisner Acting, Roy Hart Vocal technique, Contemporary dance, Yoga and Ayurveda. K.J. is grateful for her teachers and her collaborations with many, including – Dancers: Simone Forti, Ruth E. Grauert, Miguel Gutierrez, Karen Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Karinne Keithley Syers; Poet: Julie Carr; Musicians : Roy Campbell, Jr., Baikida Carrol, Juan Ignacio Ferreras; Yoginis: Sondra Loring, Aly Su Borst; Acting: Terry Knickerbocker; Somatics : Andre Bernard, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen; Ayurveda : Dr. Naina Marbelli, Frank Jude Boccio; Voice : Richard Armstrong, Samita Sinha, Barbara Maier Gustern.

Världshuset / Skolhuset in Uddebo, Västra Götaland
Skolgatan 6, 514 92 Uddebo

Closest train station is Tranemo, but it is also possible to take a bus to Uddebo from Borås and Gothenburg. Closest airport is Gothenburg Landvetter.

We recommend arriving on Sunday the 7th, but it is also possible to arrive on Monday morning. Departure is Friday evening or Saturday morning. We will have a communal meal together on Sunday evening at 19.00 and the workshop starts at 10 am on Monday morning.

The workshop will run 5-6 hours per day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner in between. The evening will be free for processing or communal jam time in the studio.

You will be sleeping in Skolhuset / Världshuset where the studio also takes place and the housing is in shared rooms of approximately 2-3 people. We will do our best to create as private living situation as possible through dividing the sleeping areas.

Please contact us at if you are in need of private housing and we will do our best to accommodate that for an extra cost. Note that the cost of housing and food for the full week is now 2200 SEK.

Breakfast and lunch will be cooked by the organization team and dinner will be cooked by the participants in teams of three people. You will cook one dinner during the whole workshop. Cost for all three meals are included in workshop fee.

The full cost of the workshop is 5,700 SEK.
Note that this is divided in 2200 SEK for food and housing, and 3500 SEK for the workshop with K.J. Holmes.

We are able to offer the subsidized prices of 2500 / 3600 / 4700 SEK for people with lower income thanks to funding from Kulturrådet. As a rough estimate for how to approach these prices, lowest subsidised price: income below SEK 8,000/month. Middle subsidised price: income SEK 8,000- SEK 16,000/month. Highest subsidised price: income  SEK 16,000- SEK 25,000/month. Full price: income over 25,000/month. There are a limited number of subsidised places. If you can not afford the lowest price but would still like to participate, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

OBS! Dansalliansen kan erbjuda workshopen som kompetensutveckling för anställda men då får ni kontakta på egen hand.

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Deadline for registration is July 18.

Workshop places are limited to 13 participants.

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Or call / text +46760679917 (Tuva Hildebrand’s cellphone).