Tuva Hildebrand is an interdisciplinary performer with an extensive background in theater and dance practices, but also experience in somatic practices, stage combat, and circus.

As a performer Tuva works both as a dancer/mover in interdisciplinary works, conceptual and experimental performances, but her training and experience as an actor also allows her to work with film and theater in a more traditional setting. She enjoys being challenged to perform in varied artistic contexts and having opportunities to combine all of her skills, such as movement with text and voice. Tuva is also a dedicated dance/movement improviser, investigating different somatic mind-body practices as well as more theatrical forms.

Currently Tuva is based on the small island Brännö outside Gothenburg, but studied, lived and worked in New York 2011-2017. Her care for political art and queer identities led her to work in the NY Downtown experimental performance scene with choreographers such as Heather Kravas, Stacy Grossfield, Mårten Spångberg, Julie Mayo, Andrea Haenggi and Kim Brandt, and occasionally as an actor off-Broadway and in front of the camera.

Tuva grew up on the island Hven and in the working class city Landskrona in the south of Sweden. Her introduction to the performing arts was through her mother’s circus troupe at the age of three, with which she toured at medieval markets and festivals throughout Sweden. Later she continued performing with the theater companies Nya Skånska Teatern, Sommarteater på Krapperup, earning her first money at the age of 12 by doing fireshows in a trio with her mother and older sister Nina Matthis, and studied dance, theater and circus at Kulturskolan i Landskrona. At the age of 14 she discovered stage combat, as an empowering practice and a combination of acting and movement, and took workshops frequently until the age of 21. Tuva continued her studies at the Swedish Ballet School, Lund’s Dans- o Musikalgymnasium and Northern School of Contemporary Dance in UK, which she left halfway through to study Meisner technique (acting) at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York and delve deeper into improvisation and somatic practices. Becoming aware of the patriarchal structures she had put her body through during her training she was now searching for more authenticity, and discovered Meisner, improvisation and feminist performance art. Throughout all of her studies she performed frequently on stage as an actor and dancer. Coming from a lower class home and looking critically at the elitist environment her education supported, Tuva has the last years been very interested in investigative processes and the idea of undoing the endgaining which is habituated, performatively and personally. Thanks to an internship with Movement Research (one of the world’s leading laboratories for experimental dance and performance), she has been investigating presence, the mind-body and deep listening in performance with pioneers such as Eva Karczag, Stephanie Skura, Deborah Hay and others. Today she is excited to bring this knowledge back to varied projects as a performer, both traditional, conceptual and experimental, theatrical and movement based.

Performer; interdisciplinary, acting and dance:

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