2015-2016 | that disgusting thing called intimacy
2009 | L’ Intacte

Shorter works
2017-2018 | always becoming, never arriving | work-in-process
2017 | A meditation on desire | work-in-process
2017 | anywhere with anyone
2017 | An Exercise
2016 | that disgusting thing called intimacy
2014 | Dirty
2010 | As Are You

2013 | In Itself
2012 | Home/Overgrown

Tuva Hildebrand is currently invested in making performance works that questions power, gender constructions, and humans relationship to intimacy and sexuality. How language is being used to control and how one submit to power by following orders on a daily basis with their body. She is also looking into sexual subjectivity, violence and the erotic body. Through her background in theater she is using tools as representation and spectacle, but also minimalism, deconstruction and durational repetition. As a part of her research and performative practice she is investigating how somatic practices and improvisation can desexualize and serve as an important practice in the recovery from sexual abuse, create bodily agency, autonomy and space for the queer body to exist; the body which cannot be defined in normative language.