5-day workshop retreat with K.J. Holmes from New York June 25-29th in Ytterjärna outside Stockholm
Somatics, Improvisation and the Poetics of Performance
taught by K.J. Holmes (NYC)

21728039_10214168684280400_5983132497538305962_nThis workshop is an entrance into our wide and vivid imaginations through the experiential research of Body-Mind Centering®, contact improvisation, ideokinesis, and structures and scores for dancing and creating theater.

The course, designed for performers, creators and teachers in dance, theatre and performance, will bring forth skills, tools and practical experience of somatic studies and improvisation, to become more tuned to physical centers and subtleties of touch, direction and intention. It will explore how to use these discoveries to tune the physical instrument of body and mind as a source for creative practice into performance: the innate wisdom of the body and the poetics of the human being through dancing, voicing, writing, reading and witnessing.

We will explore anatomy and physiology to better understand the mechanics of movement as well as explore the minds of the body. You will discover, explore, separate, integrate and improvise with physical systems and patterns to make visible physiological rhythms of support and creativity. Through exposing contradictions in the body and engaging with our imaginations, we will widen choice, create discernment and practice embodiment and composition.

The definition of Soma comes from the Greek meaning body as well as from Hinduism meaning an intoxicating drink prepared from a plant and used in Vedic ritual, believed to be the drink of the gods.

170508-juilliard-0632_2 K.J. Holmes is a Brooklyn, NY based dance artist/actor/singer/teacher. K.J. teaches in NYC at the Juilliard School, NYU/Experimental Theatre Wing, and through Movement Research; has collaborated extensively with Simone Forti, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Image Lab, and poet Julie Carr; has performed in the work of Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, Xavier Le Roy and others; is a graduate of The School for Body-Mind Centering®, William Esper studio (Meisner acting), and Satya Yoga. K.J. is currently studying to become an Ayurvedic nutritional consultant.

Workshop details

  • Time: 10.00-17.00, Mon-Fri, June 25-29th
  • Arrival on Sunday afternoon June 24th and departure on Saturday morning June 30th.
  • There will be a welcome gathering with K.J. on Sunday evening and a process gathering on Saturday morning before leaving.

Venue and housing:

  • Venue: Solvikskolan, a Waldorf/Steiner school in the middle of forest, fields, close to the sea and a nature preserve in Ytterjärna outside Södertälje.
    There are connections from Stockholm City and from the Airport by train and bus. The school is an 800m walk through the forest from the busstation. It is possible to drive and park your car, and we might have the opportunity to pick people up with car from the train station.
  • There are three big shared spaces and one smaller in the school, where we will put comfortable mattresses for everyone. If someone need to be by their own, we can negotiate space around that. It is also possible to bring a tent or a caravan to put in the fields or forest nearby. (Kulturhuset which is a 12 min bike ride away also have a hotell, and there is the option to stay in private rooms 20 min away for 325sek/night).
  • We’re just by the baltic sea and there are swimming options a five minute walk away in a nature preserve.



  •  We will supply all the grocieries, vegetarian food (selected based on allergies and dietary restrictions). Breakfast is self serve and then everyone in the workshop will cook lunch and dinner collectively through cooking teams. This is both because we feel that the act of cooking is very communal and ritualistic, and it is a way to keep the workshop fee as low as possible.


  • Sliding scale of 4000-4300sek (includes workshop, housing and food).
  • Upon payment your place in the workshop is secured. Payment details will be given upon confirmation of workshop participation.


This is the first time K.J. Holmes is coming to Sweden and we are looking forward to offer a unique opportunity to delve deeply into this work through an intimate and focused setting in the beautiful surroundings of Ytterjärna. We will only take 15 participants in the workshop.

To sign up and for more details:

  • Email TUVA.HP@GMAIL.COM with a brief letter of interest/motivation for the workshop.
  • Registration and payment details will be given upon confirmation of workshop participation.

Registration deadline June 1st! (We only have space for 15 participants).

The workshop is organized in collaboration with Metamorphosis, an improvisation festival run by Emma Rozgoni and Johan Nilsson which has taken place at Solvikskolan previous years.