From June 4th 2015

Old attempt to write an artist statement…

My practice is different from my performance, and sometimes they are the same.

I am interested in performance as a method to exist in a state separate from conditioned semiotics and linguistics. In what we don’t know, but where change can happen.

I try to see myself as Tuva who choose to dance, Tuva who choose to create, Tuva who choose to act. I believe having to define myself and my surrounding destroys everything that connects me to the world. It destroys everything in between, indefinite and indistinct. For “society” to tell us “to be what we are”/”to be myself”, is an advertising campaign to make me define myself into something an authority can comprehend.

I say things I don’t always know, to find out more together.
I am passionate about pointing out the lack of intimacy and offering the experience of intimacy.
I work with and against fluid identities. I want to make clear that we are fools who live in a separated individualized society. I work against mass-personalization and for co-existence.
I have been conditioned to end-gain and therefore I am working away from doing, making, ending, and towards undoing, allowing and being.
I believe people should touch and be touched.
I investigate desires and ask which ones that are real and false.
I am interested in how we are taught to identify ourselves with the past and the future. Therefore I would like to create situations where I face and break my own expectations, anticipations and judgments and where the audience will do the same.
I believe most people identify themselves with an imaginary cerebral reality, so I would like to connect them with their body and their senses.
I am for creating a new society, based on real bodies, real desires, real sensorial communication.
I would like to know what is real.
I want to offer nothingness to leave room for falling and so we can see each other.
I would like the performers and audience to fall together.
Sometimes it is like I believe we would have peace in the world if everyone became like babies or animals. I would like to figure out how and what it means to be an animal that is a human.

I like to think that there is no individually composed “I”, but that my “I” is a shared living existence from which emerges with my environment.

The act of choreographing can be applied to anything, while the politics behind the preferred aesthetics of dance and theater is steered by monetary means. Therefore, I am interested in performance which separates itself from the conditioned politics of aesthetics and search for confusion and surprise; for the unknown, undefined and foreign to both the practitioner and the viewer. That puts both parts in a place of co-existence and inter-dependence beyond pre-determined expectations and judgments.

As a practicing dance artist my main investigation is in somatic improvisation. As a maker the outcome changes depending on the context and content. For me somatics is a queer art form – a way of erasing gender, class, ethnicity, age and any pre-conceived perception I have of myself and my surrounding that is steered by monetary means, consumerism and patriarchy. Of undoing conditioned habits derived from expectations and external fictional values. We identify ourselves with our body and our body identify itself with the way it has been looked upon, approached and treated personally and within popular culture. I use anatomical scores such as the digestive system, the pelvis, the heart, the diaphragm, the organs, the skeleton, the blood system, shaking, touch, breath and laughter, to desexualize an objectified female body, to uncondition the body, to re-own the body and experience it for what it really is in this moment, not what I believe or wish it was.

I am interested in the history of hair removal and beauty products. I am interested in pornography and domestic violence. I am interested in the reason behind the ideals of the ingenue and the slut.

I want to see if I can take of the mask behind my mask, and allow the audience to do the same.

I see it as my mission as an artist to shake things up, to make people see the things they take for granted, the things they ignore, the things they did not know was possible; to create an “event”.