Old Choreographic Treasures Hidden In A Hard-Drive

Hello world,

I was just able to open the video recordings from my evening-length production “L’ Intacte”, that I created in Sweden and Belgrade, some time ago now.

So I thought that I would share some excerpts from it with you – as it was a big part of me taking my first step out in the real world as a choreographer and director, as well as experimenting with the idea of portraying childhood in relation to patriarchal capitalism.

Also, I want to be candid and say that I feel like sharing it, as I have not created as much the last couple of years due to straight after the production committing to acting school, working as a performer, and living in New York – instead of Sweden where I had a creative base five years ago (also, for the last year or so I believed it was not of importance to share the work as it would be outdated) – but do realize one should still not forget what was once made and that there is still the possibility for something grander to occur.

And, as I am, together with Sally O’Neill going to create my second evening-length production in January – which is exciting, liberating, fucking scary and everything at the same time – I better not forget that it is also absolutely possible.

More info about the project in Holland and more clips from “L’Intacte” you can find on the page CREATING, and hopefully I will have the full video edited and all fancy with both close-ups and full-shots for you in the near future.